Chapter Honoree


The Chapter Honoree Award can be awarded to any person who is not a student and has achieved distinction primarily in business and administration. The nominee should possess those qualities that Beta Gamma Sigma fosters but does not need to meet the ordinary qualifications of BGS members. Honorees are nominated by the faculty/staff from the BGS chapter.

BGS now offers 2 options for ordering a chapter honoree award through the CMS and the BGS chapter store.

The first option is the traditional frame with a matted boarder in scripted with Chapter Honoree and The International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma in gold lettering that has been offered in the past. This option is still $249.99, which includes lifetime membership, plus shipping and handling. 

The second, and new option, is a certificate affixed at the corners to a blue backed board. There is no BGS branding on this certificate holder. This option is $99.99, which includes lifetime membership, plus shipping and handling. Both options include a printed certificate and a lapel pin.

To purchase, you will need to complete the Chapter Honoree Nomination Form below. In addition, an order will need to be placed through the CMS under the Order Supplies tab. All nomination forms should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the presentation date to ensure delivery prior to the ceremony.

When completing the form, please be sure you are providing accurate information including confirming the spelling of the receipt’s name. Certificates will be printed based off the information provided within the nomination form.

For more information, email Global Headquarters or call 1-800-337-4677.

Chapter Honoree Board

Chapter Honoree Frame