Graduate Scholarships & Tuition Discounts

graduate scholarships & Tuition Discounts

To be the best, graduate programs need to recruit the best.

Graduate Schools understand the value of the Beta Gamma Sigma designation. They know the hard work and dedication that it took to earn lifetime membership in the Society. They know that you are in an elite category of business scholars and leaders.

The graduate programs listed on this page understand that lifetime membership in Beta Gamma Sigma not only speaks volumes about your past accomplishments, but also acts as an indicator of future professional success. These schools have established scholarship programs, exclusively for BGS lifetime members, as they wish to recruit the "Best in Business."

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The BGS Global Headquarter is always hard at work developing and enhancing relationships with graduate schools. As more and more programs learn about the great value BGS members can bring to their campuses, more and more are expected to begin providing special preference to Society members.