Chapter Advisor Council


The Chapter Advisor Council is a group of chapter leaders who were selected based on their chapter’s engagement levels to represent a variety of countries, school sizes, and experience. They abide by established bylaws, and each council member serves 2- to 3-year terms. The council provides advisors with more opportunities to connect with each other and gives them a louder voice at Beta Gamma Sigma.

The Chapter Advisor Council gives advisors a louder voice through its relationship with the BGS Board of Governors. Tuisha Stack and Wes Hamilton-Jessop, who help guide the Chapter Advisor Council, were elected to join the board; they share updates and highlights from the council’s meetings with the board.

Reach out to the Chapter Advisor Council with:

  • Strategies that could make a difference across the whole organization.
  • Suggestions to help chapters increase acceptance rates.
  • Best practices that could work for other chapters, too.

To share your ideas and experiences with the council, email

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Wes Hamilton-Jessop – Chair

University of Sydney


Alyssa Freeman – Secretary

Brock University


Tuisha Stack – Governance Officer

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Robert Walsh – Chapter Best Practices Subcommittee

University of Dallas


Bill Vendemia – Chapter Best Practices Subcommittee

Youngstown State University

Rudy Pino

Arizona State University


Ruben Mendoza

Saint Joseph’s University


Ivette Milagros Cardenas Marquina

CENTRUM PUCP Graduate Business School


Fauzia Jabeen

Abu Dhabi University


Bindu Gupta

IMT, Ghaziabad