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The World's Leading Project Management Organization

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Project Management Institute is the leading professional association for project management dedicated to empowering individuals at every stage of their career journey to make ideas a reality and drive success in a world of change.

Through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research, they work to prepare more than three million professionals around the world for the Project Economy: the coming economy in which work, and individuals, are organized around projects.

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PMI offers a variety of free and paid programs for members to take part in. Learn how to create a personalized roadmap for early in your career, join a global network of project professionals, learn the basics of project management or see organizational challenges in a new light.

Student Membership
As a member of PMI, you will join a global network of over 450,000 project professionals. Membership gives you exclusive access to webinars and events, discounts on certifications to advance your career, and the opportunity to build confidence as a project professional.

Career Navigator
Career Navigator is a free, online self-assessment that creates a personalized roadmap to help early career professionals, individuals looking to learn new skills, and those moving to a new phase in their career journey reach their professional goals. Based on your individual interests, skills, and goals, Career Navigator will identify growth opportunities and recommend content to help you achieve the goals you have for yourself and your career.

Kickoff is a free, 45-minute digital learning tool that teaches you the basics of project management and how to launch successful projects. Kickoff helps you gain new skills that can help you become more confident as a professional leader.

Wicked Problem Solving
As WPS is the confluence of agile, lean, design thinking, and other modern ways of working, its goal is to improve how you work in your teams today by focusing on asking the right questions, making ideas visible, and engaging with forward actions. You will transform ideas from invisible concepts to tangible building blocks. The course will enable you to map out your options, sketch your ideas, and see your organizational challenges in a new light.


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