Establishing A New Chapter


We invite all AACSB accredited business schools to establish a Beta Gamma Sigma chapter on their campus. Each Chapter awards lifetime membership to their outstanding scholars. Here’s a preview of how your institution and students will benefit from Beta Gamma Sigma membership.


It only takes 3 initial steps to establish a Beta Gamma Sigma chapter on your campus:

  1. Receive AACSB accreditation
  2. Submit a letter of intent signed by the Dean on University Letterhead
  3. Appoint/identify Chapter Advisor(s)

After the 3 initial steps are complete you'll want to plan the following for a successful invitation process:

  1. Chapter Advisor works to install chapters and identify eligible students, faculty, and administration
  2. Invite or tap new members
    • Encourage invitees to accept membership
    • Utilize BGS marketing tools to promote BGS on campus
  3. Plan for the recognition ceremony
    • Receive certificates and pins for new members
    • Host a recognition ceremony to honor new members

For more information about how to establish a chapter, contact BGS at

Connect Your Students to a Global Network  

The International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma encompasses:

  • Over 900,000 lifetime Beta Gamma Sigma members in all 50 states and 190 countries.
  • Over 600 collegiate chapters, in over 32 countries and territories.
  • 32 Alumni Chapters – 10 are outside the U.S. – which provide networking, speaker events, and other opportunities for local BGS members.  Also over 15 active alumni networks.



Students can be elected to hold student officer positions and plan Beta Gamma Sigma events on campus or virtually. Launched in 2021, the BGS Advantage Webinar Series brings together thought leaders from top businesses to share their advice, insight, and knowledge to give members an advantage as they seek jobs or look to improve their skills. BGS members and chapters can also take advantage of our Ethical Leadership Certification. This training program is offered by NASBA Center for the Public Trust is an opportunity to help students with ethical decision-making in the workforce. Members can also take advantage of networking opportunities, career assistance in addition to other available benefits


Through our Chapter Honoree program, your institution can honor and build relationships with successful alumni and prominent members of the local business community.

Using ConnectBGS, our exclusive social network, your students will have the chance to network with our members worldwide and make connections that can last a lifetime.

Check out our latest case study to learn how our members have benefitted from these connections.