Mr. Yasuyuki Yokota

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My name is Yasuyuki Yokota (Yasu). I am happy to introduce myself in BGS community very much.

I have a graduate/undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Science (Computer Science and Intelligent Systems) from Osaka Prefecture University in Japan. I have experience in the automotive IVI industry and semiconductors for 16 years.

For the past 14 years, I have been working in DENSO, 9 years in Japan, last 4 years in the U.S.A as an Infotainment System (=Navigation, Audio, etc.) designer, project management, engineering sales, ex-pat on Toyota Motor Corporation HQ, manufacturing leader and manufacturing head designer for Japanese Automotive product. Since 2021, I have been working at Qualcomm in Japan for one and a half years now as Technical Account Manager (TAM like a Project Manager) for Japan OEM makers. During this experience, I have been experiencing project management with Agile style to reduce the risk of a dynamic environment to control project completion. 

One of the highlights of my life was transitioning from a Japanese automotive supplier to U.S.A ex-pats, and then transitioning to Qualcomm in Japan continuously by supporting my family's help. For me and my family including my spouse and three boys, the transition between country and company (especially in Japan, changing jobs is not common yet) are dramatic change in our life. The stress and impact were not easy, but with my family's support and understanding for me, the transition was successful. MBA learning was one of my faiths to do during the tough situation.
Currently, I am working in QUALCOMM Japan as TAM, and there are a lot of respectful colleagues to work with. Also, I can now expand the business that I am in charge of. So, entirely, I am very satisfied with the aimed achievement of my change to enjoy my life with my family. One of my final career goals is to pursue work with curiosity proactively works and never give up until advisement comes.

From these thoughts, I am now seeking an MBA since Jan 2020 in LTU MBA courses because my aspirations are to make better products/services to not only business customers but also end customers. With that, I would like to open future job possibilities of higher positions not only in the U.S.A but also Japan.

Finally, as personally, I am enjoying gym training with my wife, and triathlon races like the IRONMAN competition and marathon, but I am interested in a healthy and comfortable life basically.