Mr. Tomy Abi Saad

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I am a young man full of curiosity about the world, ready to experience whatever may come. Capable of working under stress ( a skill obtained through the education in my family), thinks twice before acting. I always weigh the ups and downs, don’t like fights ( there is no winner in a fight). I have a sharp eye to the environment around me and am capable of problem solving. In short i’m a dependable young man searching for a start to his career.
I like acting , singing, Playing sports ( football, basketball, ping pong, tennis, baby-foot, billiard …etc).
I have obtained a lot of experience till now and believe there is still a long way to go before becoming successful. A long but possible road.
If you like my way of thinking interesting then what are you waiting for? You can always send me a message. I’m always open to new experiences.