Noah Mobility

THE global immigration and relocation provider.

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Noah Mobility – We move the world.

We support companies and individuals during the entire process of relocation. Our aspiration: a first-class customer experience. Our promise: the perfect interaction of intuitive technology, personal support, and flexible service selection. Whether via our app or our platform: we find the best consultant for your needs. People are at the center of all our actions – we focus on fairness towards customers, employees, and partners. This is how we set a new standard in the people mobility industry.

We offer the Uber experience for relocation.

Katrin Ruland, Founder & CEO

Our value propositions for you

Seamless – Whether app or platform: Our solution enables the quick and easy selection and booking of the desired services.

 – You receive an accurate overview of costs & services.

 – You are supported by an experienced consultant during the move.

Daniel Zinner, Co-founder & COO

Here is what we offer BGS members in different capacities:

  • 10% discount for you as a BGS member.
  • 500 USD voucher, if you refer Noah to an HR department and the HR department runs the first transfer via Noah, the discount would apply. 
  • Minimum 10% discount for overall services if a BGS member is an HR Leader or Managing Director and uses Noah for their company.