Bob Merberg


Bob Merberg is an outspoken voice for the business world’s reconstruction of workforce sustainability and helps companies achieve better business results by adopting management practices that will help employees thrive.

Bob uses his 25 years of experience to show employers how to achieve their goals using strategies that bolster common purpose, resilience, innovation and collaboration.

Bob consults with all kinds of businesses—everything from medium-sized manufacturing companies to expansive health care systems. His solutions integrate all dimensions of the workplace environment with work personalization, burnout prevention, job design and analytics.

Bob also helps businesses with R&D, assessment, market intelligence and strategic planning. 

His work has been featured in Marketwatch, Human Resource Executive, HR Magazine, Well-Being Practitioner and PC Magazine, as well as countless podcasts and webinars.

When he’s not working, Bob enjoys distance running, cycling, team rowing and spending time with family.

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