Ana Durta


Business executive Ana Dutra loves to help boards, CEOs and their teams identify and execute growth strategies and turnarounds through innovation, acquisitions, culture change and new technologies. And as a CEO, Ana has led a number of them herself.

Ana was CEO of Mandala Global Advisors and The Executives’ Club of Chicago. Later, when she was CEO of Korn Ferry Consulting, she created a new $400 million-dollar global business.

Ana holds an MBA from Kellogg, a Master’s in economics from Pontificia Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, and a JD from Universidade do Rio de Janeiro—all summa cum laude. She is frequently featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Ana is also director of the boards for many organizations, including Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago and The Committee of 200.

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