Lessons In Leadership

BGS launched a new video series at the 2017 GLS called Lessons in Leadership. We’re very excited to have shared insight and advice from top executives and thought leaders about what they’ve learned throughout their own careers that may help you make better decisions, teach you about a variety of industries, and bring a global perspective to being BGS. We look forward to continuing to expand the video series and share these valuable insights with our global BGS community.


Shereen_Al_Nowais.jpgShereen Al Nowais

The Taaleem Training & Skills Development Centre

Terrence_Duffy.jpgTerrence Duffy

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group

Shereen_Al_Nowais.jpgEmilio B. Imbriglio
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Canada
Terrence_Duffy.jpgPeter Ruppe

Senior Vice President of Footwear
Under Armour