Business Achievement

The Business Achievement Award is presented to honor individuals for significant achievement in business through the traditional corporate route. The achievement may be demonstrated over a career or by a singular achievement that has advanced the field of business and contributed to a community and to humankind.

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Individuals are nominated for the Business Achievement Award based on the following criteria: 

Continuing Leadership and Excellence

  1. Significant accomplishment in business demonstrated through an individual’s position, career progress, leadership, financial/market share results and community impact.
  2. The significant accomplishment in business and the evidence of generosity may be over a career or the past 5-10 years.
  3. If the nominee’s achievements occurred more than 10 years ago, clearly state how their actions impact the community today


  1. Evidence of significant generosity through enhancement of a community or an educational institution.
  2. Evidence of continued and/or further service to humanity beyond the acts of generosity.

Business Ethics and Ethical Leadership

  1. The nominee shall have been a model of ethical business leadership in his or her career and have exemplified the highest honor and integrity consistent with the ideals of Beta Gamma Sigma.
  2. A nominee need not have received a degree in business or be a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

Nominations may be received from a Beta Gamma Sigma chapter, through the Faculty Advisor or Dean, or from a member of the Board of Governors. BGS is committed to recognizing a globally diverse group of talented business leaders. One to three individuals will be selected annually for the award. 


Nomination Instructions

  1. Complete nomination form online
  2. Nomination materials are limited to the following items only. Chapter may submit all five or any combination but materials outside of those listed will not be accepted.
    1. Nominee Resume
    2. Nominee Bio (not to exceed 220 words)
    3. Nomination Letter from Chapter Officer (Chapter Advisor OR Dean) or Board of Governor
    4. Supplemental materials in a single document (preferably a pdf) not to exceed two (2) pages. BGS will only accept a maximum of two (2) supplemental items. Supplemental materials are limited to the following:
      1. New articles from campus, local or national sources
      2. Photos with captions
    5. Nominee Photo
  3. Please include all nominee information and supporting materials in a single zip file. You may have separate documents for the resume, bio, and nomination letter, but your supporting materials need to be in a single document (pdf or word doc).

Causes for Rejection of Nomination

  • Nomination does not follow the submission criteria
  • Nomination includes supplemental materials that do not coincide with the above limitations
  • Nomination submission instructions were not followed