Discounted access to ClassPass’ Monthly Fitness & Wellness Plans.

ClassPass is the world’s largest fitness & wellness network, offering employees discounted access to 40k+ gym, studio, & wellness partners, and unlimited access to our on-demand library of 2,500+ audio & video exercises. As a BGS member, you receive a 15% discount on monthly plans!

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Find. Your. Thing. with ClassPass!

Your monthly membership for all things fitness & wellness. ClassPass is the world’s largest wellness network with access to 5M experiences hosted by 40k of the world’s top studios, gyms, and wellness partners, all within one easy-to-use app. Gym-time, yoga, kickboxing, spinning, HIIT, dance, swimming, pilates, martial arts, barre, crossfit. Plus, cryotherapy, acupuncture, meditation & stretching studios, sauna, massage – and so much more!

Find what you love anywhere, anytime with on-demand or in-person classes in 30+ countries.