Marc van der Chijs


International businessman Marc van der Chijs is a venture capitalist with a strong interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Raised in the Netherlands, Marc has lived and worked all over the world—including Belgium, Germany, France, China and Canada. 

Marc specializes in investing, Bitcoin, FinTech, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and health technology. He has founded many businesses, including:


  • First Block Capital: Canadian cryptocurrency investment firm
  • Hut 8 Mining: cryptocurrency mining and blockchain infrastructure company
  • First Coin Capital: investment bank for initial token and coin offerings
  • com: China’s #1 online video site—a precursor to YouTube
  • Spil Games Asia: a Dutch internet game company


In addition, Marc is an angel investor in—and advisor to—a variety of Chinese internet startups. He’s also managing partner of CrossPacific Capital Partners (XPCP), which invests in undervalued Canadian and US businesses with a strong potential for revenue growth or profitable exit options when strategically connected to Asian markets.

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