Outstanding Chapter Advisor

The Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award is a merit recognition awarded by Beta Gamma Sigma to an outstanding Advisor who both made great contributions to the success of their Chapter and supported the Beta Gamma Sigma mission throughout the course of this academic year.



SUNY Oneonta

Dr. Buchan is a tenured Associate Professor of Accounting at SUNY Oneonta. He earned a Ph.D. in Management with an Accounting Concentration from Binghamton University in 2004, where he was also inducted as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Dr. Buchan holds a public accountant certification with 21 years of professional accounting experience, including 10 years as a partner with Ernst and Young, an international public accounting firm. Dr. Buchan teaches intermediate accounting, advanced accounting, and auditing and his work has appeared in the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business & Accounting, Psychology Research and others. Dr. Buchan also served in the military and is a Vietnam veteran.

Dr. Buchan has served as the BGS chapter advisor for the SUNY Oneonta since the chapter’s inception in 2012 and his enthusiasm continues to remain apparent. His involvement has been key to the chapter’s success and no task has been too large or small for him to get involved. Dr. Buchan works to ensure that all members understand the honor and significance of membership in this esteemed society.  He encourages tapping ceremonies to take place in full regalia when inviting students to membership. Dr. Buchan also works to ensure student members are engaged by working with the Student Officers, sending students to the Global Leadership Summit, and encouraging them to share their knowledge of leadership and use their skills to benefit chapter, the campus, and the community.

Dr. Buchan continues to be a driving force in supporting the BGS chapter at SUNY Oneonta. His dedication to the founding, growth and success of the chapter has been impressive and he continuously promotes leadership, academic achievement, and professional excellence BGS among members.