Explaining the Benefits and Values of Membership

The Benefits & Values of Collegiate Chapter Membership

What does Beta Gamma Sigma have to offer?

More specifically, what do we offer to students? What do we offer to schools of business? What do we offer to business professionals?

Sure, we’ve been around for over a century. And yes, we’ve stacked up over 820,000 lifetime members around the globe. While those figures are impressive, they don’t answer the question. 

BGS offers members:

  • Recognition
  • Networking
  • Job Opportunities
  • Discounts, Scholarships, and Waivers
  • Leadership Scholarships
  • Opportunities for Involvement

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For the student, earning the title of the “Best in Business” provides a lifelong acknowledgement of their outstanding academic achievement. It’s an extra edge. In a competitive business world, one can use every edge they can get, to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. 

Beta Gamma Sigma’s greatest value is the recognition it provides. Being invited to join BGS is no small achievement. It has been and remains the highest recognition that a business student can earn in a business program accredited by AACSB International. 

Of the hundreds of thousands of students currently studying business around the world, only a very small percentage will finish their academic studies with a BGS certificate in hand. Membership in BGS shows that a student has been in the top 10% of their Undergraduate class, or the top 20% of their Masters Class, or has a Doctorate. 

For schools of business, this has been extremely valuable, as it provides a powerful tool to recognize and honor a program’s top students. It’s a great way for schools to engage and connect with these high achieving individuals and foster a deeper relationship with future business leaders. 

Recognition remains central to Beta Gamma Sigma and continues to be one of the Society’s strongest benefits. While this serves as the Society’s foundation, BGS is beneficial in many other ways. Here’s just a quick peek at the many additional assets that Beta Gamma Sigma membership offers: 


Beta Gamma Sigma membership can be a something that sparks a conversation, deepens a discussion, or can be a common tie between two individuals. 

From the business major fresh out of college to the CEO looking for new hires, Beta Gamma Sigma is a great avenue for networking. Every member of BGS has earned recognition as the “Best in Business,” so there is no better network to find a connection.

Members looking for meaningful career-driven connections, continued educational opportunities, job recommendations, or business advice, they need look no further than the BGS Alumni Chapters and Networks. There are many Alumni Chapters and Networks established in major metropolitan areas around the globe. These Chapters present a variety of activities that members can take part in, providing attendees with a chance to connect with other high-achieving and talented business professionals in their area.

BGS has established outlets for members to connect via social media. Whether it’s been days or decades since their induction, one incredibly valuable resource available exclusively to members is access to the BGS group on LinkedIn. This group boasts more than 66,000 members, representing a wide array of industries and business expertise. This is an incredible resource for career-seekers and members seeking to network. 

Job opportunities:

Beta Gamma Sigma membership differentiates a resume from the rest of the stack.

There is no greater predictor of future success than past success. Including BGS on one’s resume is a clear-cut signal that a candidate has what it takes to get the job done in a top-notch fashion. It’s a beacon of excellence that will follow that individual throughout their career. 

With connections come opportunities. Knowing the right people will get you in the door to countless jobs, and becoming a BGS member opens a world of opportunity. In our Society, members can interact with other business-minded individuals, many of whom are hiring as we speak. Get to know other members, find opportunities, and land a great job. 

Discounts, Scholarships, and Waivers:

Everyone loves discounts, and Beta Gamma Sigma members enjoy a wide variety of them. 

Recent graduates, or those on the verge of graduation, should pay attention to opportunities to save on test preparation. A clear majority of BGS members will, at some point, pursue a MBA or other graduate degree. BGS has partnered with great companies to provide some substantial discounts on test-prep materials the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, ACT, and others. The savings on these programs alone will pay for the cost of BGS membership many times over.

Other schools offer waivers so that BGS graduates do not have to take or submit some test scores to be admitted to the program. This benefit alone can save much time and money for BGS members. See the current participating schools here: https://betagammasigma.org/gmat-and-application-fee-waivers 

Some graduate schools offer scholarships specifically for BGS students. See the current participating schools here: https://betagammasigma.org/graduate-scholarships

Members can take advantage of discounts on select health and auto insurance, mortgage services, flowers, car rental services, moving expenses, popular business publications, computers, web hosting, and more. https://betagammasigma.org/benefits

Members should also check out the variety of discounts available on professional attire available here: https://betagammasigma.org/professional-attire It’s important to dress to impress, and Beta Gamma Sigma makes it easy for members to do just that, while also saving money. 

In addition to these programs and offerings, Beta Gamma Sigma is working to expand programs, develop stronger member connections, and rebrand ourselves while re-establishing our value to those we serve. 

Leadership Scholarships:

Leadership Scholarships cover the cost of registration for our annual Global Leadership Summit, one of Beta Gamma Sigma’s most attended, highly anticipated programs ever. GLS participants have described their experiences to be eye-opening and life-changing. Leadership Scholarships are awarded to Chapters that earn High Honors or Highest Honors based on the Collegiate Chapter Honor Roll. 

Opportunities for Involvement: 

BGS gives members have more chances to be engaged, adding to their resume and personal experiences. 

Many BGS Chapters have Student Officers that help run the Chapter and plan Chapter activities. This gives members valuable leadership and planning experience. Additionally, it also enables members to give back and assist other members as well. 

Beta Gamma Sigma established a BGS Gives Back Day of Service. This event promotes altruism and provides a great way for collegiate and alumni chapters, along with individual members, to come together and connect through the spirit of service to the community. BGS understands giving back is an extremely self-rewarding endeavor, personally and professionally.

Some Chapters will have other avenues for involvement as well. 

 The answer may be a bit long-winded, but wrapped up in a nutshell: BGS has a lot to offer and will have even more in the years to come. We hope you agree.