Collegiate Chapter Event Ideas

Collegiate chapter Event Ideas


Networking Night

Host a networking night at one of your local area restaurants where BGS members have the opportunity to connect with local BGS Alumni.

Meet & Greet

Host a Meet & Greet where students can meet future professors and academic advisors in your institution’s school of business to discuss their classes, academic plans, and career goals.

Panel of Professionals

Host a Panel of Professionals from different areas of business (i.e. Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, International Business, etc.) for a session of Q&A session with students interested in learning more about their fields. 

Actual Events Held by Chapters

Networking Dinner at Brock University
  • Our BGS Student Officers hosted an event on campus, the BGS Networking Dinner, which gave students the opportunity to practice their networking skills as well as learn about important topics concerning “The Next Step”. Dr. Peter Yannopoulos, a professor and BGS Executive Committee member, began the evening with a short lecture on Leadership and then the attendees had open discussions on three topics: Transition to Work, Transition to Graduate Studies, and Personal Leadership. Overall, the event was beneficial to all that attended and gave the BGS Student Officers a great opportunity to plan, market and host an event. Brock University

  • We had a panel of four VMI alumni talk to the BGS members (and this was event to the entire student body) about graduate school.  The students asked questions about tests (GMAT, etc), interviewing, etc. Virginia Military Institute

  • We held the Morgan Stanley resume review, where MS reps were present to review resumes and provide tips and advice.  this event was sponsored by BGS. Rutgers – State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick

  • Target Leadership Program--September 2015--to learn what Target does to build leadership skills; Fall Ethics Program--featuring white collar felon Scott London, October 2015--to learn how successful people go astray; Dining Etiquette and Networking Program--November 2015--to learn how to network and how to conduct one's self at a business meal. St. Cloud State University

Social/Campus life


Host a dance contest, singing or karaoke contest, stand-up comedy show, etc.  the possibilities are endless! Give students a break from their books and a chance to let loose a little.


Host some themed or holiday parties that BGS members will be looking forward to such as a Chapter Cook-Out, International Potluck, and Ugly Sweater Party.

Movie Night

Host a movie night that shows films about topics that demonstrate the Society’s values or documentaries from local/independent film makers.

Actual Events Held by Chapters

Shippensburg Movie Night
  • Social event for members to get to know each other - Bowling Night. The University of Akron

  • BGS chapter hosted a movie night at the Grove Hall Forum to show the movie “The Internship.” The chapter felt it was a complimentary movie selection for BGS, because it has a great mix comedy and illustrates some actual situations one may encounter as an intern. The chapter offered free popcorn and had candy and soda available for purchase. Shippensburg University

Community Service

Community Cleanup

Organize a local park, city, or campus cleanup as part of our BGS Gives Back. This way you can become familiar with local organizations in your community in time to brainstorm ideas of whom you want to help.

Local Drives

Host a food drive, clothing drive, or book drive to benefit local organizations or disadvantaged students on campus. These drives can bring the entire campus community together for a great cause. 


Gather some volunteers to help tutor college freshman for their first exams during their first semester of college or primary school kids in the area. Your BGS members are—after all—the top of their class!

Actual Events Held by Chapters 

  • Participated in "Into the Streets" community service. Members assisted the Chamber of Commerce with cleaning, etc. related to 100th Anniversary renovation project. State University of New York, Oneonta

  • We held a clothing drive to gather new and gently used professional clothing to help stock a professional clothes closet to benefit all students in the Gordon Ford College of Business. Western Kentucky University

  • Spearheaded a Food Drive from Thanksgiving return to Christmas break (about two weeks) and presented items and monies collected to the Campus Food Pantry for students. North Carolina Central University

Off-Campus Events


Plan a trip for your chapter’s members to a local historical site or popular tourist destination in your area. This is an opportunity for your members to bond with each other on a more personal level.


Take a tour of a local landmark, the city, museum, art gallery, or a local company. Allow your members to explore the city or take a tour of a well-known business in your area.

Field Day

Go to an open field and play teambuilding games. Have a water balloon fight, kickball game, and other games that will give everyone a break from the books for a day.

Actual Events Held by Chapters

  • We have held a BGS member-exclusive activity.  It was a corporate visit to the LinkedIn Hong Kong Office.  A seminar has been held where LinkedIn executive introduced their office, operation, and the use of LinkedIn platform to our members.  The executive also briefed our members on how they could keep/have an up-to-date professional LinkedIn profile and its importance to career development. The University of Hong Kong

  • Mars Facility trip each semester which included a tour of the facility and an information speech on each job responsibility. BGS students left resumes and mingled with the Mars reps. It was a great networking opportunity. Rutgers – State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick